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Scribe4Me has been a leading provider of medical scribing services to solo practices, hospitals, and clinics across the USA since 2007. Our team of highly trained and experienced 600+ scribes work round-the-clock to deliver high-quality notes, at unbelievably low prices. As an industry leader, we are committed to providing the best scribing experience to help physicians reduce their documentation overload and focus on their three P’s – Productivity, Profitability, and Patient Care. Scribe4Me is truly a one-stop destination for all your clinical documentation needs.

Our Mission

Restore the human connection between physicians and patients by addressing the most common pain point – Documentation. We provide time-saving documentation solutions that allow physicians to get back to what they do best – patient care.

Our Vision

To continually innovate, improvise and lead the scribing industry with one clear goal: help Physicians take better care of themselves and their patients. Together, we help transform the way healthcare is delivered.