Prior Authorization Services

From filling forms to document submission

Save time and reduce the hassle of dealing with payors

Highly accurate and efficient Prior Authorization Services

Streamline your practice with our efficient and reliable prior authorization services for hassle-free approvals and quick turnarounds. Managing prior authorization is a frustratingly time-consuming process for busy practices. From filling out lengthy forms and keeping track of dates to waiting for approvals and negotiating with payers, things can be tough. Partnering with Scribe4Me eliminates the administrative burden while ensuring quick prior authorization approvals and hassle-free claims settlement on the first go.

Prior authorization services offered at Scribe4Me

  • Verification
  • Our prior authorization specialists thoroughly check the patient’s insurance details to find out if the medical service or medication is covered under their plan in order to get the prior authorization request approved. This verification step significantly reduces the chances of errors and denials.

  • Documentation
  • To make the prior authorization process smooth and hassle-free, we undertake to maintain a thorough documentation and record of all pertinent information. For this purpose we have developed a standardized template which not only speeds up the prior authorization process but also reduces duplicate documents and human errors.

  • Pre-certification
  • Our team is well-versed in all aspects of verifying insurance eligibility and benefits to help patients get prior authorizations from insurance companies. This ensures claim settlement on the first go. We don’t rely on insurance companies to communicate approved authorizations, but we follow-up with them to know the status and avoid delays.

  • ICD-10 coding
  • Our coders assign the right ICD 10 diagnostic codes for prior authorization requests to facilitate quick processing of claims and prevent denials. Our experienced certified coders are well versed in the coding guidelines and industry best practices to ensure accurate and reliable coding.

  • Follow-up
  • As the pre authorization process is mostly manual, there are high chances that a request could be lost in one of the many steps. We keep track of prior authorization requests and regularly follow-up to prevent delays that may arise from information lost or not received by payers. This avoids communication gaps between providers and payers, resulting in quick prior authorization approvals and hassle-free claims settlement.

Service Highlights

  • End-to-end prior authorization process - from initiation to approval
  • Standardized data protection protocols
  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Affordable pricing
  • Quick turnaround time
  • A formalized follow-up process


  • Save time and avoid the hassle of dealing with payers
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Enhanced workflow efficiency
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced paperwork and errors
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Reduced write-offs and denials
  • Reports on prior authorization approvals completed and/or status updates

Outsource Prior Authorization services to Scribe4Me

We at Scribe4Me have a team of prior authorization experts who are trained in the most efficient practices when it comes to handling your prior authorization requirements. They are well-versed in navigating complex payer requirements, coding systems, and documentation standards, to ensure faster approvals. Lighten your prior authorization workload and dedicate more time to direct patient care with Scribe4Me’s pre-authorization services. Looking to accelerate your prior authorization approvals? Get in touch with us today!

Revenue Cycle Management

Find it challenging to navigate the complexities of RCM, such as billing errors and delayed payments? Do staffing shortages and expertise gaps impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-house RCM team? Is your staff finding it difficult to keep up with changing industry regulations and payer requirements? Not to worry. Outsource your RCM to Scribe4Me! Improve financial performance and efficiency!

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Facing significant challenges in navigating the intricacies of insurance eligibility verification? Is your staff juggling to call each patient's insurance provider and answer phone calls about scheduling patient appointments? Is incorrect verification of insurance information, coverage, and lack of prior authorization leads to denials and rejections? It’s time to streamline your verification process and get paid faster with Scribe4Me.

Medical Coding

Is finding and retaining certified coders challenging? Does inadequate coding result in claim denials or reimbursement delays? Is your in-house team having trouble keeping up with the frequent changes to coding rules and regulations? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then outsourcing to Scribe4Me is the best thing to do. Yes, it’s time to ensure coding compliance and maximize your revenue.

Charge Entry

Is managing charge entry tasks consuming much of your front office staff time? Are workflow bottlenecks or inefficiencies preventing your staff from performing charge capture effectively? Is there a lack of coordination between your charge entry and coding team? Are you having trouble getting paid on time, dealing with compliance requirements and keeping your cash flowing smoothly? Outsourcing to Scribe4Me ensures precise charge entry for a healthy revenue flow!

Claims Transmission

Is your practice having a hard time dealing with the lengthy and tedious task of submitting claims? Do you find it challenging to keep up with changing regulatory requirements? Are you short of skilled resources to handle your claims submission effectively? Looking for electronic submissions to make the entire claims process quicker and smoother? Outsourcing to Scribe4Me is the perfect way to ensure timely submissions and increased reimbursements.

Payment Posting

Struggling with issues that cause delays or errors in your payment posting process? Do you lack the tools and resources to handle payment posting internally? Are you experiencing any financial discrepancies or reconciliation issues? Having trouble managing the volume of payments received and posted on a daily basis? Not to worry. Outsource to Scribe4Me to ensure timely and accurate recording of payments!

Accounts Receivable Management

Are you facing delays or difficulties in recovering your overdue payments? Do late payments and outstanding receivables disrupt your expected cash flow? Is your accounts receivable process not efficient enough to ensure payments in a timely manner? Finding it difficult to reconcile accounts within the expected timeframe? Outsource accounts receivable services to Scribe4Me and take control of your cash flow!

Denial Management

Struggling with substantial volume of denied claims? Find it challenging to spot trends or patterns in claim denials and initiate corrective measures? Grappling with the workload associated with appeals and resubmissions? Dealing with staffing shortages or skill gaps to manage denial management effectively? If yes, outsourcing to Scribe4Me is the right choice. We help practices efficiently handle denial issues and focus on their core competencies.

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