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The primary goal of a revenue cycle process is to get paid for the services rendered. But how do you make sure that you are paid fully and on time? The answer is simple, accurate medical coding holds the key to getting paid in full and on time.

Medical coding is the process of converting a medical narrative into a series of industry-standard codes. It is a small yet crucial step in the billing process and often the most daunting. From ICD-10 to changing payer trends there is so much to take your time and focus away from patient care. With Scribe4Me as your medical coding partner you are sure to get claims right the first time and reimbursements in full.

Scribe4Me’s Medical Coding Process

Receive: We receive scanned copies of patient charts and related information either through a secure FTP site or directly access patient data from the practice management systems. Our medical coding team downloads these files and then assigns them to the respective coders for review.

Review: Our coding process begins with a careful and strategic review of medical records by our expert coders. This is done to understand the patient's diagnoses assigned and procedures performed during their visit. Our coders also extract other crucial data like physician name, dates of procedure, place of service, price modifiers and other information to check for accuracy.

Communicate: Clear and complete medical records lay the foundation for coding accuracy. That is why we check the medical records for completeness and legibility before coding. If need be, our medical coders reach out to healthcare providers to clarify any missing or unclear information needed to provide accurate coding.

Assign: Using a standardized coding system, such as ICD-10 or CPT, our experienced medical coders assign codes to the diagnoses, procedures, and services provided during the patient visit. They make sure that the codes assigned are accurate and complies with the medical coding guidelines and policies.

Quality check: Our quality assurance team performs an intensive quality analysis check at every step of the coding process. Multiple levels of quality check are done to ensure accuracy and rule out any chances of up-coding/down-coding issues before delivering the coded charts to the client. On top of that, we make sure that coding accuracy is on par with industry standards.

Submit: Once the coded charts are ready they are shared with the client. This is done by uploading the coded charts onto a secure FTP site or directly to the practice management system.

Feedback: Your feedback matters. That is why we collect feedback and act on it in the best possible way, thereby assuring maximum client satisfaction. We continually strive to improve our medical coding process and serve you better.

Our Service Highlights

  • Strict compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Stringent data security measures to ensure that patient data is safe
  • Speedy turnaround
  • Robust audit process
  • Competitive pricing
  • Expert workforce

Benefits of Scribe4Me’s medical coding services

  • Use of best-in-class coding tools and resources available in the industry
  • AAPC certified medical coding specialists with deep knowledge of compliance requirements
  • Specialty-trained medical coders
  • Thoroughly vetted and trained coder deployed to your account
  • Save close to 60% of the operating costs
  • Improved coding compliance
  • Easily scale up your coding capacity
  • Consistent quality and accuracy
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • More time for core activities

Outsource Medical Coding Services to Scribe4Me

With Scribe4Me as your partner, you get access to a team of highly-experienced certified coders who can deliver high-quality coding services with a quick turnaround time. Our team ensures that coding is accurate and complies with the latest coding standards and regulations. We also have the capacity to handle large volumes of coding work efficiently, thus ensuring timely claims processing and reimbursements. Sounds interesting? Well, get in touch with us today to learn how our coding experts can help transform your revenue cycle.

Revenue Cycle Management

Do you lack the time and resources to keep up with compliance rules and minutiae pertaining to the revenue cycle? Does outdated technology and inefficient processes make it difficult to manage your RCM process? Are varying payer policies and reimbursement rates complex to handle? Do staffing shortages and workforce training impact the efficiency and accuracy of your revenue cycle? Outsource to Scribe4Me. Enjoy operational, compliance and financial benefits!

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Struggling to improve your practice’s financial stability while maintaining quality of care? Do errors or delays in insurance verification impact your revenue cycle? Does your in-house team find it tough to keep up with changes in insurance policies and eligibility criteria? Do inaccuracies or oversights in the verification process result in delayed reimbursements or issues getting paid? Outsource to Scribe4Me. Get accurate and timely insurance eligibility verification!

Prior Authorization

Does navigating the authorization guidelines of multiple health plans frustrating? Is it tough to find and train the right people to help with prior authorizations? Do additional follow-ups and appeals increase pressure and operating costs? Is your in-house team struggling with increasing payer complexity and volume of prior authorizations? Outsource to Scribe4Me. Streamline prior authorization and free your team up to focus on high value tasks.

Charge Entry Services

Struggling with the complex, time consuming charge entry process? Does erroneous charge entry lead to denied claims, rework and compliance issues? Are high caseloads and evolving coding guidelines overwhelming for your in-house staff? Do constantly changing regulations and payer rules lead to missed charges or undercharges? Outsourcing to Scribe4Me is the one-stop-solution for all issues related to charge entry.

Claims Transmission

Are you struggling with the tedious, time-consuming tasks associated with the claim submission process? Do errors or omissions in claim submissions affect your practice’s revenue flow? Do frequent payer rule changes leave your staff vulnerable to errors that lead to downstream denials? Scribe4Me is the go-to solution. We can make claims go from stuck and unpaid to submitted and fully reimbursed.

Payment Posting

Are you having trouble posting payments accurately? Do you frequently find it difficult to match logged payments with your patient’s medical bills? Do errors or discrepancies in payment posting affect your revenue cycle? Is your in house team not adequately trained in the latest payment posting trends? Does manual processing significantly reduce your operational efficiency? Outsource to Scribe4Me for accurate and efficient posting services!

Accounts Receivable Management

Do you lack the time and resources to follow-up on overdue payments and resolve disputes? Find it difficult to ensure compliance with various laws and policies? Is the cost of managing AR, especially when dealing with denied claims and follow-ups way too much? Does pending or outstanding payments impede cash flow, resulting in a strain on your revenue cycle? No worries. Outsource to Scribe4Me for efficient AR management and a steady cash flow!

Denial Management

Do you lack the time and resources to implement a successful denial management strategy? Is your team struggling to deal with constantly changing regulations and rules? Does your practice still rely on outdated, manual processes for denial management? Is your in-house team not adequately trained in the complexities of claims management? If yes, outsourcing helps! Scribe4Me can help your practice identify, analyze and prevent denials much easier!

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