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Digital marketing is an invaluable tool for medical practices to gain better visibility of their services in the online space. It also helps to reach a larger audience which paves the way for acquiring new patients and retaining existing ones. Are you looking to reach a larger audience and generate more revenue for your practice but don’t have time to hire, recruit and manage an in-house digital marketing team? Don’t fret. Scribe4Me is there for you. We have a seasoned team of digital marketing experts who can help you with brand positioning and accelerated practice growth.

The following are the areas that Scribe4Me can help you

Website development

A medical website is the key to the success of a medical practice. Our experienced website developers can help create informative and user-friendly content to promote your services and provide valuable information to your patients. They employ best practices to create a clean and patient-centric design that can attract new patients and keep existing patients engaged. Our website developers make sure that the website meets your requirements and is customized to the specific needs of your practice.

Marketing content creation

Marketing content is the perfect way to create a strong online presence and place your practice in the limelight. Our marketing materials specialists can consistently curate valuable content that helps patient engagement, branding and reputation building. Having a marketing materials specialist with the medical and writing skills to provide you with engaging and useful content can help boost your online presence and grow your practice.

Online appointment scheduling software development

Online appointment scheduling tools are an efficient and effective way to manage patient appointments. They help streamline your medical office workflow and provide a better patient experience. Our appointment scheduling software developers can develop a robust, feature enriched and fully customizable appointment scheduling system to suit your medical practice needs. Our appointment scheduling software can help patients book their appointments in just a few clicks.

SEO services

An effective SEO strategy for medical practices involves publishing keyword optimized content to ensure that their website ranks and brings in more traffic. Our SEO specialists are experienced and can understand your requirements and tailor the strategy to meet your practice’s unique needs. They can help increase your visibility making it easier for you to reach your potential patients and showcase your services. In short our SEO specialist can optimize your website and attract new patients.

Video blogging

Video blogs or vlogs are an effective way to build brand awareness. Video content is highly engaging and can improve online visibility, conversion rates and patient engagement. Our video bloggers can create high-quality, informative video content to help showcase your services, expertise and brand image while making an impact on potential patients. We can help you with video blogs to be posted on your website, social media channels, and on intuitive video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

Directory registration

Directory registration is the process of listing a medical practice or healthcare provider on various online directories, such as Google My Business, Yelp, Zocdoc, Vitals, WebMD, RateMD, Healthgrades and much more. These are popular with patients searching for healthcare providers online. Our directory registration specialists help optimize your profiles and improve your online reputation.

Service Highlights

  • Advanced digital marketing tools and strategies to improve your bottom-line
  • Team of experienced digital marketing specialists to navigate market challenges and grow your business
  • Enjoy greater online visibility and better brand awareness
  • More traffic, more leads, more revenue
  • Save money by cutting costs using in-house team and overhead costs
  • Gain a better insight into your website's strengths and pain points
  • Increase in the rate of enquiry form submission
  • Increase in new patient appointments
  • Optimized website for an optimal patient experience
  • Ensure that your website shows up on the first page of Google

IT Staffing Services

Looking for a strategic IT management to give you that competitive edge? Are operational downtimes and IT maintenance issues pulling your focus away from patient care? Not to worry. Scribe4Me’s dedicated IT support staff can help maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure and software 24/7. Our top class IT support means you’ll enjoy much ‘up-time’, better security, and compliance.

Front Office Staffing

Is your front office staff juggling a heavy clerical workload? Are you finding it difficult to retain your front office staff? Need help keeping up with high call volumes? Struggling to find competent and reliable local front office staff for your clinic? It’s time to stop worrying about managing a physical front office staff and hire Scribe4Me’s virtual front office staff to step up your front desk operations.


Do you lack the resources, staff, or expertise to manage the credentialing process effectively? Are you finding it difficult to comply with changing regulations? Is lack of expertise delaying credentialing process? Does dealing with time-consuming, massive paperwork rob you of the valuable time meant for patient care? The credentialing process can be challenging. With Scribe4Me’s credentialing experts it doesn’t have to be that way.

Medical Coding And Billing Services

Are you short of certified medical coders and billers? Does doing medical coding in-house takes time and resources away from other core activities? Do you find it difficult to keep your staff up-to-date on the latest coding skills and requirements? Do not worry. Outsource your medical coding and billing services to Scribe4Me. With experts at work you have better control over your process and the money involved.

Virtual Office Staffing

Find it challenging to manage office-related tasks while also providing quality patient care? Do handling time-consuming day-to-day tasks strip you of the opportunity to grow your practice? Looking for an extra pair of hands to ease your workload? Outsourcing to Scribe4Me’s virtual office staffing can lighten your workload and get you back on track. Hire our virtual office staff - Ease the stress on yourself and your in-house team.

Finance & Accounting Staffing

Are you finding it difficult to manage your financial systems while providing care? Feel overwhelmed by the numbers, receipts, invoices, and spreadsheets? Do you lack the accounting expertise required to manage your finances effectively? Are you facing declining reimbursements and rising costs? Well, it’s time to look at outsourcing. Scribe4Me’s finance & accounting staffing services are designed to reduce costs and gain scale and expertise.

Medical Practice Auditing

Struggling to figure out areas that your practice needs to improve? Are you on the lookout for highly skilled and experienced medical practice auditors to cater to all of your needs? Looking to optimize revenue, mitigate risk, or save time and money? Our expert auditors can help you. Stay compliant and financially successful with Scribe4Me audit services. It’s time to get the peace of mind you need to focus on providing quality care to patients.

Digital Marketing Staffing

Are you struggling to get your practice’s name out there? Do you lack the resources or the expertise to stay competitive in today’s digital world? Are you short on time to focus on your marketing strategy to get the attention of potential patients? Do not worry. It’s time to outsource your medical marketing needs. Scribe4Me’s digital marketing services can help you with brand positioning and accelerated practice growth.

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