Podiatric Medical Scribes

Save thousands of keystrokes a day

Feel liberated from the constant note taking that EHRs call for! Time to think and focus medically instead of clerically! Entrust paperwork with the specialists!

Podiatrists are generally busy seeing a variety of cases, from diabetic foot exams to fractures. In a day's work, a Podiatrist roughly sees about 20 to 25 patients, helping them get back on their feet. All those patients mean mountains of charting and other paperwork. With overwhelming documentation needs and changing reimbursement policies, privately owned Podiatric clinics confront increasing clinical and operational challenges. Scribe4Me provides timely and accurate reports enabling Podiatrists to spend more time on patient care and other critical activities.

Our Medical Scribes are well-versed in the terminology and the procedures pertaining to all fields of Podiatry to ensure accurate and timely reports.

Our Podiatric Scribes listen to patient encounters and provide synchronous documentation. If you prefer to review your charts the next day, use our advanced Scribe4Me app to record as the patient encounter unfolds and securely share it. Our Scribes will generate the clinical notes directly into your EHRs.

Scribe4Me helps reclaim time in your day to do what you love the most - patient care. Accuracy and speed are the fundamental values that Scribe4Me works on. This means you are guaranteed to get the best in class reports on time, every time. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Podiatry Specialty Scribing Services.

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$ 8.00/HR

Highly Trained Scribes

Complete Privacy in Exam room

Well versed in all EHRs

12 and 24 hours Turnaround Time

EHR Posting

Mobile App Access


$ 14.00/HR

Physician-dedicated Scribe

Highly trained Scribes

Well versed in all EHRs

99% Accurate

EHR Posting

Mobile App Access


$ 00.25/MIN

Pay by Audio Minutes

100% Human-transcribed

99% Accuracy

STAT, 12 & 24 hours Turnaround Time

EHR Posting

Mobile App access

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Scribe4Me - The platform in the palm of your hand!

Our Scribe4Me advanced mobile app provides an easy to use, portable platform to document patient encounters. Scribe4Me is a physician-centric app that helps to dictate, review, edit, and electronically sign - anytime, anywhere - with just the touch of a finger. It's so simple to set up and easy to use. What's more! Get started today with our advanced Scribe4Me app with added features and benefits that help physicians to achieve what really matters - Productivity, Profitability and Patient care.

Turn your smartphone into a powerful platform for clinical documentation. To know more about how the Scribe4Me app can benefit your practice, get in touch with us, right away!

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