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High-quality patient statement services

Patient statement services help medical practices collect outstanding dues from their patients more efficiently and quickly. These statements are easy for patients to understand what they owe and make payments accordingly.

As a healthcare provider you are most likely to spend much of your time, money and resources creating and sending out patient statements. At Scribe4Me, we create and send customized, professional looking patient statements that help your patients understand their bills better and pay you quicker.

Scribe4Me’s Patient Statement Services include the following:

Generate electronic patient statements

We understand that generating timely patient statements can keep your revenue cycle flowing without any payment delays. Therefore, we undertake to generate patient statements at the end of every month and send it out to patients via email as PDFs after they have been thoroughly checked by our efficient team. To optimize this process we divide your patients into four equal groups and send statements to each group once a week on a monthly cycle. By doing so, we help you to generate a smooth, consistent monthly flow of revenue.

Enable patient-friendly billing

We believe that patient friendly statements make it easy for patients to pay. We make sure to process patient statements that are clear, concise, eliminate confusion and empower patients to pay faster. We use a modern, clean template with an easy-to-read font that is clearest for patients. This helps patients to easily review the statements, quickly identify their payment options, and make payments in an easy and convenient way.

Implement patient portals

We know that patient portals make it easier for patients to understand and manage their financial obligations. We can provide you with a patient portal that lets your practice accept patient payments through credit cards and deliver those payments directly to your bank account in a safe and secure manner.

Provide patient support

We make it easy for patients to get answers to any queries that they may have regarding their bills and resolve issues quickly by providing direct access through a customer service number to reach us. This ensures swift response and resolution, thus improving collection speeds and eliminating the amount of time your billing team spends on the phone managing patient calls.

Service Highlights

  • High-quality, fully customizable patient statement services
  • Intuitive and patient-friendly statements
  • 100% HIPAA compliant services
  • Specialized security features to keep patient data safe
  • Choice of different statement layouts
  • Improved look and flow of patient statements


  • Deliver easy-to-read patient statements to speed-up patient payments
  • Collect more money and better manage your finances
  • Minimize administrative costs while improving collections
  • Accurate and timely patient statements
  • Comprehensible display of patient charges and payment options
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Improve patient satisfaction and enhance patient experience
  • Prioritize delivering high-quality care over administrative tasks
  • Reduce your inbound customer-service calls

Revenue Cycle Management

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Insurance Eligibility Verification

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Medical Coding

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Payment Posting

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