Ophthalmology Virtual Medical Scribes

Avoid Point And Click At The EHR With Our Ophthalmology Virtual Medical Scribes!

Focus on talking and listening instead of typing and clicking. EHR need not be a barrier anymore. Start making meaningful connections with your patients!

Ophthalmology is one of the busiest specialties, with solo practitioners finding it difficult to handle the crush of patients. Generally, ophthalmologists see 31 to 50 patients a day, based on 3.5 clinic days per week. A schedule packed with patients means more paperwork. Why spend time documenting and navigating EHRs than interacting with patients? We at Scrib4Me help you with documentation tasks so that you can focus on patients without any EHR distractions.

Our pool of experienced medical scribes are highly qualified and have an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology as well as the various medical conditions, drugs, procedures, tests, and treatments related to the ophthalmic specialty. You can rest assured that you will receive complete and accurate charts ready to go for billing.

Our ophthalmology medical scribes will capture all pertinent details they hear from the patient visit and enter it into the EHR, in real-time. If you wish to review the charts the next day, use a recording app to record patient encounters and share it. We will have your charts ready within the TAT of your choice.

Why Scribe4Me?

Scribe4Me has displayed great expertise in providing quality specialty-specific scribing services. Our service highlights include

  • Guaranteed compliance with all regulations
  • Utmost quality as simple costs
  • Dedicated scribe with trained backups
  • Security and privacy of patient data
  • Regulated workflow process
  • Exceptional customer service

Do you feel tethered to the computer during patient visits? Not anymore. Scribe4Me frees physicians from computers to spend more time with patients. If you feel this bit of information has piqued your interest, get in touch with us today to find out more on how you could benefit from our ophthalmology virtual medical scribes.

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$ 12.00/HR

Highly Trained Scribes

Complete Privacy in Exam room

Well versed in all EHRs

12 and 24 hours Turnaround Time

EHR Posting

Mobile App Access


$ 14.00/HR

Physician-dedicated Scribe

Highly trained Scribes

Well versed in all EHRs

99% Accurate

EHR Posting

Mobile App Access


$ 12.00/HR

Simple workflow

100% Human-transcribed

99% Accuracy

STAT, 12 & 24 hours Turnaround Time

EHR Posting

Mobile App access

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Scribe4Me - The platform in the palm of your hand!

Our Scribe4Me advanced mobile app provides an easy to use, portable platform to document patient encounters. Scribe4Me is a physician-centric app that helps to dictate, review, edit, and electronically sign - anytime, anywhere - with just the touch of a finger. It's so simple to set up and easy to use. What's more! Get started today with our advanced Scribe4Me app with added features and benefits that help physicians to achieve what really matters - Productivity, Profitability and Patient care.

Turn your smartphone into a powerful platform for clinical documentation. To know more about how the Scribe4Me app can benefit your practice, get in touch with us, right away!

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