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High-precision payment posting services

The payment posting process, not only provides insight into the effectiveness of your revenue cycle, but also allows you to analyze reimbursement trends and perform analytics. The need for a highly efficient team to process payments is of utmost importance considering the clarity it provides on your revenue cycle.

We at Scribe4Me provide highly accurate and efficient payment posting services to ensure a seamless functioning of your practice’s financials. Partner with us and experience the difference of a trusted partner committed to optimizing your revenue cycle and allowing you to focus on patient care, while we handle your payment posting complexities with utmost precision and efficiency.

Our Payment Posting Process

We believe that attention to detail, data input accuracy and following client specifications are essential to successful medical billing and efficient cash flow management. Scribe4Me offers high-precision Payment Posting Services tailored to your requirements while upholding industry best practices and standards.
We provide the following services:

Patient Payments: Our clients send us receipts of point-of-service payments made by patients on a daily basis. These payments, which may be for co-pays, deductibles, or non-covered services, are made using cash, check, or credit card. This information is reviewed by our payment posting specialists and adjusted against each patient account.

Insurance Posting

We handle Insurance Payments in the following ways

Electronic Remittance Advice: This auto posting system is generally useful for medical practices that deal with a large number of claims every day. We receive ERAs from payers and process them in batches by importing them into the practice management system. Batch processing allows for making any corrections and transferring balances to secondary insurers. Each batch run generates exceptions and we correct the same along with verification of batch totals.

Manual Posting: Some of our clients send us scanned EOB batches either through secure FTPs or through the EHR system. Our experts then manually do the posting into the system, based on client-specific rules. Batch processing allows for proper accounting and ensures accurate payments, write-offs, adjustments and balance transfers to secondary insurance companies or patients.

Denial Posting: Posting a claim denial is crucial to get an accurate picture of the actual A/R balance. Payers often send back denied claims with ANSI codes for denials and occasionally with payer-specific guidelines. We have expertise interpreting ANSI standard denial codes as well as payer-specific denial codes for the majority of payers. Every time a claim is denied, we make a note of it in the practice management system and then take the necessary steps, to rebill the secondary insurance company, transfer the patient the remaining balance, write off the amount, or send the claim for reprocessing.

Benefits of our Payment Posting process

    High Quality: Our accuracy rates are close to 99% despite our contractual guarantee being at 97%, this can be attributed to our highly-experienced team

    Responsiveness:We provide a dedicated account manager and team for each of our clients ensuring a guaranteed turnaround time of 24-28 hours.

    Accurate understanding of the A/R cycle: Accurate payment posting in medical billing gives you a clear picture of your accounts receivable, helping you make informed and better decisions.

    Analytics:We create reports on A/R trends in order to:

    • Know the reason for denials.
    • Track the cases requiring eligibility and authorization to increase point of service collections
    • Understand the services that are covered and not covered by different payers
    • Assess the time it takes for your insurance company to process payments

    Exception processing: We uphold your business policies and notify you of any significant trends, contractual adjustments, or denials.

Outsource Payment Posting Services to Scribe4Me

Take advantage of our high-precision payment posting services to optimize your revenue cycle and receive accurate and timely reimbursements. Our team is well-trained in handling the intricacies of medical payment processing, leveraging technology, and maintaining precision. Hence, partnering with Scribe4Me can help achieve a faster payment cycle and a true insight into your daily revenue stream. Interested in learning more about how Scribe4Me can help in successful management of finances? Get in touch with us today!

Revenue Cycle Management

Are you having trouble implementing an effective revenue cycle process to navigate the financial aspects of patient care? Do you find collaborating with various stakeholders a tough job? Finding it difficult to hire and retain talent for revenue cycle positions? Don’t have the time and resources to adopt the right technology to manage and improve your RCM process? Outsource to Scribe4Me. Enjoy an optimized revenue cycle!

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Having trouble executing a streamlined insurance verification process? Is determining coverage eligibility consuming much of your front office staff time? Do you lack staff trained in the software or systems used for electronic verifications? Struggling with frequent eligibility verification errors that lead to rework, dissatisfied patients and payment delays? Outsource to Scribe4Me and get those payments flowing smoothly!

Prior Authorization

Having difficulties securing proper prior authorizations? Do authorization requests increase your staff’s workload and decrease operational efficiency? Is your staff not adequately trained in navigating the policy maze, leading to delays, denials, and financial losses? Is handling denials and appeals complex, leaving you and your patients frustrated? Not to worry. Outsource prior authorization to Scribe4Me. Ensure speedy approvals and faster reimbursements!

Medical Coding

Struggling with too many coding errors that cost your practice time and money? Is your practice short of experienced and qualified coders? Having trouble incorporating new technologies into your coding process? Finding it difficult to train your coding team in handling new technology and regulatory shifts effectively? Well, it’s time to outsource to Scribe4Me. We help save time and money by handling coding accurately and efficiently!

Charge Entry Services

Struggling with delayed payments owing to inaccurate charge entry? Does inaccurate charge entry result in costly errors that impact cash flow and hinder your practice’s financial health? Finding it difficult to identify any bottlenecks in your charge entry workflow? Don’t have the time and resources to automate charge entry and reduce error rates? No worries! Outsource to Scribe4Me for accurate charge entry. Receive proper and on-time reimbursements!

Claims Transmission

Finding it difficult to navigate the complexities of the claim submission process? Is your in-house team struggling with the regulatory compliance burden? Does an inefficient workflow lead to delays in claim submissions? Is staff training and turnover an on-going problem? Don’t have the time and resources to manage the administrative burdens associated with claims transmission while maintaining quality of care? Outsource to Scribe4Me. Ensure swift and accurate claims submission!

Accounts Receivable Management

Is rising bad debt affecting your practice’s financial health? Finding it tough to navigate the complexities of AR management while maintaining a healthy cash flow? Struggling to improve your collection process without hurting relationships with patients? Lack the time and resources to leverage advanced AR management tools and technologies? Outsource your AR management to Scribe4Me. Take your path to improved financial health and success!

Denial Management

Having trouble implementing an effective claims denial management system? Is keeping track of claim denials and reasons for these denials overwhelming? Does lack of technology and tools make it harder to handle denials effectively? Is your staff struggling with the time-consuming process of appealing claims? It’s time you outsource your denial management services to Scribe4me. Save time on denied claims!

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