Offline Medical Scribing Service

We offer 24 hours and 12 hours TAT for completing your charts

Letting you focus on patients, not screens

Best of its kind offline medical scribing services since 2007

Scribe4Me is an industry leader committed to providing the highest quality offline scribing services to clients across the US.

Our offline scribing model is an asynchronous clinical documentation service that ensures a quick turnaround with exceptional chart quality. It is a type of remote scribing service specially designed for physicians who review their charts and sign-off at the end of a shift or the next day. Here’s how it works. Our offline scribing service allows you to record the patient encounter using a recording app and send in the recordings. Our offline scribes listen to the encounter recordings post-visit, complete your charts and post them into your EHR, within the turnaround time of your choice.

Charts ready the next day

Charts ready the next day

Accurate and complete charts are ready for review and sign off at the end of the shift or the next day.

A win-win deal

A win-win deal

More time to connect and interact with your patients. It’s an ultimate win-win for both – improved job and patient satisfaction.

Pays for itself

Pays for itself

Increased visits = increased revenue. This additional revenue is more than enough to offset the cost of the scribe.

See more patients, earn more revenue

See more patients, earn more revenue

Our scribes keep charts updated in your EHR, freeing up time to see more patients and earn more revenue.

More time for life outside work

More time for life outside work

With no after hours charting, you can get back home early and spend some quality time with family and friends.

100% HIPAA compliant

100% HIPAA compliant

Our scribes are HIPAA trained. All our technology and systems are also HIPAA compliant to ensure high levels of security to protect your sensitive medical data.

99% accuracy guaranteed

99% accuracy guaranteed

We understand the value of our work and the importance of every data we input. Our scribes are highly trained charting specialists and provide accurate, comprehensive clinical notes for each visit.

Prevent burnout

Prevent burnout

Our scribes take the pressure off you by reducing the time spent pointing and clicking in the EHR, thus preventing burnout.

Wondering what makes Scribe4Me unique? Well, the following are some of our “core competencies” that make us stand out as an industry leader in providing high-quality offline scribing services.

Seamless integration

Our offline scribing model integrates seamlessly into your existing EHR and documentation workflow. Our scribes complete your charts post-visit and place them directly into the discrete fields of your EHRs. In fact, day-day charting in the EHR tends to flow smoothly.

Increased flexibility

Our offline scribing model offers increased flexibility, meaning you can send supplemental post-visit instructions or add any additional inputs in between shifts. Our offline scribes will have them incorporated into your charts

EHR agnostic

We are compatible with more than 50+ EHR systems available in the market today. Our scribes are extensively trained and can competently handle whatever EHR you choose. In short, our service works with any EHR

High quality charts optimize revenue

Our scribes strictly adhere to the highest professional standards of scribing with many years of experience. You may rest assured that all your charts will be of high-quality, resulting in timely reimbursements, fewer claim denials and better care delivery.

No need for tech or process upgrades

Our offline medical scribes are rigorously trained on the use of 50+ major EHR systems to ensure high-quality charts. We focus on helping physicians meet their EHR goals without putting new technology and processes on them.

Dedicated scribe

You are assigned a dedicated primary scribe and backup scribes who have domain expertise in your specialty. Our offline scribes quickly learn your charting preferences and documentation style. Though working from afar they seamlessly integrate into your workflow and soon become an indispensable part of your care team.

Scribes with specialty expertise

Our aim is to provide customized offline medical scribing services catered to a wide range of specialties. Our offline scribes are professionally trained to understand the unique scribing requirements of each specialty. They are well-versed and knowledgeable in the terminology specific to your specialty, ensuring complete and accurate charts, every time.

Round-the-clock customer support

We value your time and strive to deliver a great customer experience. Our customer care representative is available 24/7 to help you find answers to questions as they come up. We also provide round-the-clock access to our techy personnel to get your issues resolved in no time.

ISO certified

We place quality at the heart of what we do. As an ISO-certified company Scribe 4Me takes every single effort to consistently provide quality charts. By establishing a quality-conscious scribe culture we are able to deliver consistently high-quality charts that meet or even exceed clients’ expectations.

Dedicated account manager

We assign a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you to ensure that superior quality offline scribing service is rendered. You can contact your account manager via phone or email to make sure that quality and turnaround time requirements are consistently met.

As a leading provider of offline medical scribing services since 2007 we guarantee accuracy, professionalism, HIPAA compliance, and a seamless workflow experience. We believe you deserve the absolute best. Give our offline services a try and see for yourself. You will be amazed. Scribe4Me –a choice that makes a big difference.

Off line Scribing As low as $12 per hour

Our offline scribing service is specially designed for those who review their charts the next day. Scribe4Me app allows you to record your patient encounters and share it. Patient's chart is completed and posted accurately into your EHR, on time. Our team is adept in more than 100+ EHR platforms.


We guarantee 99% accuracy.

EHR Posting

Our team is well versed with more than 100+ EHR softwares in the market. We don't just convert your encounters, we can also post into your EHR application.

Turnaround Time

We offer 24 hours and 12 hours TAT for completing your charts and posting it into the EHR.

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