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Scribe4Me's appointment scheduler lets you streamline your day from start to finish

As a busy physician spending your valuable time on scheduling patient appointments can be quite draining. Scribe4Me's appointment scheduler is designed to make your life stress-free and ensure the smooth functioning of your clinic.

Our simple appointment scheduler lets you manage patient scheduling, send automated reminders, and organize your entire day's schedule. It's a perfect way to reduce no-shows, improve clinical workflow and boost your bottom line. What's more? With most people preferring virtual medical consultations, a trend that is likely to continue post-Covid 19, it's time for you to take advantage of the virtual consulting feature to provide secure digital healthcare services to your patients.

Streamline your day from start to finish

Streamline your day from start to finish

Allows you to manage and organize your entire day's schedule.

Send automated reminders

Send automated reminders

Say no to 'no shows' and late arrivals by sending automated reminders before each visit.

Stay organized

Stay organized

Get organized at work and stay on top of things. A quick snapshot of patient appointments allows you to plan ahead for your day.

Optimize clinical workflow

Optimize clinical workflow

Streamline and manage clinical workflow to boost the efficiency of your clinic.

Improve patient scheduling

Improve patient scheduling

Efficient patient scheduling decreases wait times and increases patient satisfaction and practice profitability.

Virtual consulting

Virtual consulting

Take advantage of the built-in virtual consulting feature to schedule appointments for online consulting.

See more patients

See more patients

With virtual consultations, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere. This means you can see as many patients in a day giving your clinic a boost.



You have the freedom to access and manage patient information from anywhere, at any time.

Let us take a look at how our appointment scheduler is different from others and how it helps to improve physician productivity and operational efficiency.

Organize better to improve productivity

We believe that physician productivity starts with planning and organizing their daily calendar and schedule. Our simple appointment scheduler helps you to organize and plan your activities, thus increasing productivity at your workplace. It's an excellent way to organize your workday and stay on top of things.

Amazing features at no extra cost

Scribe4Me's appointment scheduler is available at no extra cost. It is also simple and extremely easy to use, providing doctors with a hassle-free patient scheduling experience. It comes with cool features like an online calendar, activity dashboard, push-based notifications, appointment reminders, and much more. It allows you to check existing and past appointments and also add new time slots for immediate patient scheduling.

Document virtual appointments

After the pandemic virtual medical consultation has become a mainstay of patient care. Our virtual consulting platform makes delivery of healthcare more efficient, better coordinated and convenient. You can now record virtual consultations using our Scribe4Me app and send them for documentation. Your charts will be completed and updated in your EHR.

Secure virtual consultations

Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual health consulting services. You can now meet your patients online, discuss their concerns and establish treatment plans accordingly. Our virtual consulting platform provides top-notch security to patients, allowing them to discuss even their sensitive medical issues. It also features a live chat option that allows them to send text messages to share any medical issues privately. Take advantage of the built-in virtual consulting feature to provide better care for your patients.

Optimized workflow

Scribe4Me's appointment scheduler is the perfect solution to streamline and manage clinical workflows, as well as boost the efficiency of clinics. No-shows are long-standing issues that can lead to loss of productivity and disruption in clinical workflow. Sending automated reminders significantly reduces no-shows and abrupt cancellations, thus creating a streamlined workflow. Scribe4Me's appointment scheduler helps create a more optimized, predictable workflow.

Efficient patient scheduling

Patient scheduling may seem simple, but efficient patient scheduling is crucial to keeping patient satisfaction high and practice profitability consistent. Scribe4Me's appointment scheduler ensures a streamlined and organized patient scheduling process. Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to improve efficiency and keep patients at the heart of your practice with our appointment scheduler

If you are looking to stay organized, consider using our appointment scheduler to make scheduling more seamless and efficient. What's more? With virtual care here to stay beyond Covid-19, it's time to take advantage of our inbuilt virtual consulting feature and enjoy its convenience and immense benefits. Start a free trial today and take your medical practice to the next level.

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Our simple appointment scheduler helps to view, manage and schedule appointments, send instant notifications and organize your daily schedule easily. Use our virtual consulting platform to schedule appointments for online consulting. Our scheduling feature comes free of cost.

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