8 Great Reasons to Hire a Virtual Medical Scribe

8 Great Reasons to Hire a Virtual Medical Scribe

May 16,2022

8 Great Reasons to Hire a Virtual Medical Scribe

Gone are the days when medical scribes were physically present in the exams rooms assisting physicians with their documentation tasks. Today, digitization of healthcare and the global pandemic outbreak have made virtual medical scribes dominate the entire healthcare industry. Partnering with a virtual medical scribe helps physicians to truly connect with their patients rather than being focused on updating their EHRs. Most importantly, virtual medical scribes can provide documentation assistance for physicians, even from far-flung corners of the world. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more

How does the virtual medical scribe concept work?

Virtual scribes are not physically present in the exam rooms but work remotely from an offsite location. They are patched to the exam room, via a HIPAA compliant VOIP connection to listen into the physician- patient encounters and simultaneously document it straight into your EHRs. Virtual scribes allow physicians to spend more face time with their patients rather than being buried in paperwork trying to stay on top of documentation and maintain regulatory compliance.

Good reasons to hire a virtual medical scribe

Well, let us in this blog post look into some of the good reasons to use the services of a virtual medical scribe

  • Reduced paperwork burden: Documentation requirements entail constant work overload and sometimes even afterhours work. Documentation drives reimbursements. But that doesn't mean the physician has to do it. In fact, they weren't meant to do that. A virtual medical can capture clinically relevant information and document it, taking the burden off the physician's shoulders.
  • Cost effective: Virtual medical scribes do not need any office space to work from and equipment to use. Moreover they are experienced personnel and do not need any training to get started. That is why virtual medical scribes cost less when compared to traditional scribes.
  • Increased perception of privacy: As the virtual scribes listen into patient encounters remotely from a company designated office, it allows for better privacy between the physician and the patient. Without an extra person in the exam room patients feel at ease during physical exams and more comfortable to discuss even their sensitive medical issues.
  • Reduced burnout: "Too many bureaucratic tasks" is attributed as the number one contributor to physician burnout. Virtual medical scribes are reported to improve physician job satisfaction and reduce burnout as they cut time spent on EHR documentation in half.
  • Add more patients to your schedule: Use of virtual scribes has helped practices add up to 20 percent more visits. By assuming clinical documentation responsibilities, virtual scribes free up physicians to see more patients and provide better quality care. This is made possible because physicians don't have to spend their valuable time updating the EHR.
  • Better patient experience: Virtual scribes play an important role in enhancing patient experience. With a scribe to chart patient encounters in real-time allows physicians to focus on the key drivers of patient experience. They are able to maintain eye contact, actively listen and fully connect with the patient, which positively impacts the patient experience.
  • Accurate and detailed charts: Physicians don't have to juggle administrative paperwork with patient care. The virtual medical scribes are documentation specialists who can provide them with accurate, complete and detailed charts. Accurate and thorough documentation not only ensures timely reimbursements but also improves quality of care.
  • Increased flexibility: You can avail the services of a virtual scribe when you need them while they can help other physicians when not needed. Moreover, as they work from a remote location they are best suited for practices that are located in remote and rural areas where access to qualified scribes is difficult.

Now that we have discussed some of the good reasons to hire a virtual medical scribe you will be in a position to make an informed decision. Well, if you are intending to hire a virtual medical scribe look no further. Scribe4Me's virtual medical scribe model is a perfect way to free you up from the clerical burden associated with EHR charting andrediscover the joy of practicing medicine.

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