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Managing accounts receivables is an important aspect of the medical billing process in order to run your practice efficiently and smoothly. AR management follows up on claims, helping you get overdue payments fast and let the cash flow in. Scribe4Me’s AR follow-up team looks into the denied claims and reopens them in order to secure maximum reimbursements from the insurance companies.

Handling overdue accounts can be a major headache for any healthcare provider. Scribe4Me offers a range of AR follow-up services to help streamline your collection process and maximize revenue.

The following are the services we offer under AR follow-up

Medical Accounts Receivable Follow-up

Our team is trained to negotiate with the insurance company to help you recover your outstanding accounts receivables. They rigorously follow-up on all pending claims, look into claims denials, initiate collections, track receivable balances and keep tabs on payments that are due. All of these efforts are geared towards significantly reducing your AR days and accelerating cash flow to your practice.

Accounts receivable recovery services

Our experts investigate into the different billing scenarios in order to identify the reasons for non-payment of dues. This in-depth analysis helps to resolve those issues, ensuring quick and efficient collection of all of your outstanding dues. This way we help recover lost revenue and improve your cash flow. Our follow-up team also makes sure to quickly collect monies upfront, regardless of how old the aging buckets are.

Financial reporting

Financial reporting is crucial as it helps you make informed decisions and improve the financial performance of your practice. For this purpose we help track, analyze and report financial information on a regular basis. From monthly to quarterly and yearly, we provide you with financial reports to closely track your practice’s financial health. This includes preparation of claims denial analysis as well. These reports not only help to analyze the root cause of claims denials, but also determine the collectible and non-collectible amounts and charge the respective payers for coinsurance and deductibles.

Insurance follow-ups

We believe that a lack of proper follow-up with insurance companies can pave the way for huge revenue losses. That is why we have an effective follow-up team and a proactive follow-up policy in place to constructively reach out to the insurance companies to know the status of the claims. This way we help in recovering over-due payments from insurance companies easily and on time. With regular, rigorous follow-ups we ensure that no claims go missing.

Clear old AR backlogs

Missed or insufficient follow-up on overdue amounts is one of the major reasons for huge AR backlogs. Additionally, due to a lack of time and resources, practices have a significant number of unresolved ARs. Unless it is dealt with systematically, this will never go away and will only keep mounting. Our AR follow-up specialists do a stupendous job in clearing your backlog and optimizing receivables.

Service Highlights

  • Stringent data protection measures to ensure that all critical financial data is safe
  • In-depth analysis of accounts to establish the best course of action
  • A quick and personal follow-up regimen on high-risk receivables
  • Knowledge, technology and expertise to optimize your financial stability
  • Ingenious follow-up on all outstanding dues
  • Dedicated account manager assigned to your profile
  • Customized monthly reports


  • Save 30% to 40% on your operational costs
  • Knowledge of industry best practices to minimize AR
  • Ability to scale up or down as per your requirements
  • Extremely cost-effective rates as we deliver ahead of schedule
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure, skilled resources, and cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure high-quality AR services
  • Improved cash flow and increased revenue
  • Higher collection ratios
  • Excellent customer satisfaction with a structured AR follow-up process
  • Clear day-to-day AR claims to keep cash flow intact and avoid AR backlogs
  • Analyze non-payments to avoid them in the future
  • Eliminate the AR backlogs of your practice

Revenue Cycle Management

Are you a healthcare provider under increased pressure to focus on providing care as well as maintaining financial viability? Do you feel overwhelmed with administrative and financial responsibilities? Feel like you are losing pace on follow-ups for efficient collection? Are you short of trained experts to handle the complex maze of RCM? Scribe4Me is here to help you.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Are you struggling with the time-consuming tasks of verifying and validating a patient’s insurance coverage eligibility? Thinking of taking the help of an insurance expert to relieve you from the tedious tasks of verifying insurance coverage? Then the best option is to outsource your Insurance Eligibility Verification services to an experienced service provider like Scribe4Me.

Medical Coding

Do you find it challenging to keep pace with the yearly updates to code sets and changing payer regulations? Are you facing coding errors that cause delays in reimbursements? Are you short of highly trained certified medical coders with experience across multiple specialties? If yes, outsourcing your medical coding services to Scribe4Me is your best bet.

Charge Entry Services

Are charge entry tasks consuming much of your front office personnel’s time? Is claim denial slowing things down and delays your payments? Do you feel there isn’t any collaboration between your charge entry and coding team? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Outsourcing your Charge Entry services to Scribe4Me ensures error-free and accurate entries for cleaner claim submissions

Claims Transmission

Is your medical practice struggling with the time-consuming and labor intensive process of claims submission? Are you finding it difficult to keep pace with regulatory demands? Do you lack skilled resources to handle your claims submissions effectively? Opting for Scribe4Me’s Claims Transmission services is the best thing you can do to achieve greater accuracy in claims settlement and reduction in costs.

Payment Posting

Do you find the payment posting process time-consuming and tedious? Is your practice facing issues with rejected claims and late payments? Are you short of skilled resources to handle the important aspects of payment posting? Do you lack time amidst your workload and hectic schedule to manage these tasks? It’s time you take help from the experts in the industry.

Denial Management

Are you struggling with claim denials and lacking skilled resources to handle appeals? Is dealing with claim denials time-consuming and takes your focus away from patient care? Are you finding it difficult to identify the root cause and implement a successful denial prevention strategy? If yes, outsourcing is the best thing to do. Opting to outsource your denial management services can result in increased revenue and reduced claim denials.

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