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We at Scribe4Me understand that Accounts Receivable is an important part of cash flow and requires rigorous follow-up. That is why we have a streamlined system in place to manage your practice’s accounts receivable and recovery. Simply trust the experts for efficiency, and we assure you that all the medical services provided by you will be paid for, fully and promptly.

Our AR management team accelerates cash flow by reducing accounts receivable days and optimizing collection ratios. This is what we do

  • Identify and analyze the claims listed in the AR aging report
  • Regularly follow-up with the insurance companies on the status of the claim and with patients if claims are on hold due to any additional information pending from their side
  • Analyze and identify denial reasons
  • Appeal submissions for denied claims
  • Refile and submit denied claims and ensure payment is received
  • Regular, rigorous follow-up to ensure no claims go missing

Do you have a backlog of account receivables? Our highly efficient AR team makes sure that your backlogs are cleaned up and you are paid in a timely manner. By using Scribe4Me to skilfully clean up your backlogs, you can improve the profitability and overall efficiency of your medical practice.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing AR management services to experienced professionals at Scribe4Me

  • Save on operational costs while enhancing cash flow
  • Knowledge of industry best practices to minimize AR
  • Ability to scale up as per your business requirements
  • Extremely cost-effective rates as we deliver ahead of schedule
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure, skilled resources, and cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure high-quality AR services
  • A dedicated accounts manager who will provide you with regular updates and any information you require
  • Stringent data protection measures to ensure confidentiality of health information

Whether you want to ensure a smooth flow of your current receivables or clean up a backlog Scribe4Me has a solution for you.

Revenue Cycle Management

Are you a healthcare provider under increased pressure to focus on providing care as well as maintaining financial viability? Do you feel overwhelmed with administrative and financial responsibilities? Feel like you are losing pace on follow-ups for efficient collection? Are you short of trained experts to handle the complex maze of RCM? Scribe4Me is here to help you.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

The first and most important step is to determine the patient's eligibility and insurance coverage. People often tend to forget to renew their health insurance policy annually. And insurance companies are in no way responsible for payments covered under the plan during the period of lapse. As a result the patient has to pay for the services out of his own pocket. What if the patient is reluctant to pay the bills?

Medical Coding

Medical Coding quality holds the key to accurate reimbursements. Scribe4Me has perfected the art of creating accurate and clean claims on the first go. We have a team of AAPC certified, trained medical coders who are proficient in coding rules and can provide accurate and complete coding necessary to optimize reimbursements.

Charge Entry Services

Accurate charges are crucial for claims to pass through the first time and Scribe4Me does it right, each time.It has been stated by insurance companies that 4 out of 10 claim denials are due to clerical errors. Charge Entry is a process of entering medical data to enable claims processing. At Scribe4Me we follow a well-structured Charge Entry Process and ensure that relevant checks are made at each level of the process.

Claims Transmission

Scribe4Me undertakes to do an EDI set-up for those medical practices that wish to get-off paper transaction claims and switch to electronic data interchange (EDI) for claim submission. Submission of the claims through EDI reduces the chances of inaccuracies and errors. Your claims will reach the payer instantly resulting in quicker reimbursements and eliminating claim processing delays.

Payment Posting

We believe that accurate charges contribute to attaining clean submission goals. Scribe4Me offers fast and accurate Payment Posting solutions as a part of the Revenue Cycle Management services and also as a standalone service depending on the client's requirements. Our team of experts has extensive experience in several specialties and in handling a wide range of medical software.

Denial Management

Scribe4Me helps recoup revenue and maximize reimbursements Denial of medical claims is one of the major issues faced by physicians. Scribe4Me's Denial Management service is designed to perform a root-cause analysis, identify the reason for the denial and take action to resolve it. Most importantly we implement process improvements to stop recurring denials in its tracks.

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